Send A Smile 4 Kids (Canada) collects and distributes handmade greeting cards to nurses, staff and families to give to hospitalized children on their birthdays and other special dates. Our focus will be on providing happy, upbeat birthday cards and "glad you're going home" cards but we will also make and provide cards for holidays throughout the year.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nancy's one-of-a-kind cards

I wish I could share photos of each & every card that is sent in for the kids but I have promised myself that I'll at least share a couple from each donation. Today I'd like to send out a huge thank you to Nancy D from Courtenay for sending in a box of cards including these gems (which are my personal favourites of the 21 cards).

First is this absolutely fantastic frameworthy card. Any little girl would be thrilled to get this card for pretty much any occasion.
SAS4K can use multiple copies of a single card design but special one-of-a-kind cards are the most appreciated
I want to share this card because I think it's perfect for one of the often forgotten age ranges - teenagers. We crafters love making cards for little kids but it can be challenging to make cards for older ones, especially boys. Not only would a horse-mad teenage girl like Nancy's card, but I expect there are more than a few teenage boys who would enjoy having this card to look at (lol).
Next time you make a card for SAS4K, consider creating one for a teenager
Thanks for visiting and thanks for supporting Send A Smile 4 Kids!

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