Send A Smile 4 Kids (Canada) collects and distributes handmade greeting cards to nurses, staff and families to give to hospitalized children on their birthdays and other special dates. Our focus will be on providing happy, upbeat birthday cards and "glad you're going home" cards but we will also make and provide cards for holidays throughout the year.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Busy month for sending smiles to the kids

It's been a busy month for sending out cards to BC Children's Hospital. Thanks to your generousity, we were able to provide close to 200 "Thank You" cards for the hospital to use over Volunteer Appreciation Week. The staff were thrilled to have handmade cards to give to the special volunteers who spend time at the hospital working & supporting the kids. We were also able to deliver a stack of cards for St Patrick's Day and Easter. Just loved the interactivity of the cards - lots of them had moving parts (had to chuckle at the dancing leprechaun!) which provide extra fun for the kids.

There are no special requests from the hospital right now but if you are thinking about creating some cards remember that we are almost always short on cards for boys and teenagers. And it's never too early to start on those Christmas tags & cards.

Thank you for all your support throughout the year and keep those cards coming! Thanks for sending smiles for the kids!