Send A Smile 4 Kids (Canada) collects and distributes handmade greeting cards to nurses, staff and families to give to hospitalized children on their birthdays and other special dates. Our focus will be on providing happy, upbeat birthday cards and "glad you're going home" cards but we will also make and provide cards for holidays throughout the year.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some VERY exciting news

As a crafter, I am frequently inspired by the projects I see out in blogland and I must admit to being an avid scrap-lifter of ideas and designs. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Cards for Kids(Canada) started because of someone else’s idea.
When I first heard about Send A Smile 4 Kids, my initial thought was "what a great idea, I'll send some of my cards". My next thought was "Why spend money on postage to the U.S. when there's a Children's Hospital right here in Vancouver that would appreciate cards". I suggested setting up a Canadian branch of SAS4K but the timing wasn’t right; so a quick email to B.C. Children's Hospital and a follow-up telephone conversation and Cards for Kids was born.
I kept in touch with SAS4K though in hopes that one day we could partner together. And, yay, that day has arrived!
Effective today, Cards for Kids has officially become Send A Smile 4 Kids (Canada)!!! The Send A Smile 4 Kids team, led by the amazing Karen, has been so welcoming and have even invited me to be a guest designer on their next challenge. I’m so excited to be part of this wonderful charity and look forward to sending a lot more smiles to kids in the U.S. and Canada! You'll notice there is a new badge on the sidebar - please feel free to grab it and share on your blog.
And to close off, I need to say thank you to all the amazing people who have already heard about the partnership and have offered their welcomes. I am so incredibly pleased and proud to be a part of this community!!! Thank you all ... and welcome to Canada!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some Halloween fun

Just a quick post to share a few of the Halloween cards that are ready to send off to the BC Children's Hospital. I'll be taking the next batch of cards over in early October so that they can be distributed for Halloween. Cards are needed for all ages of kids.