Send A Smile 4 Kids (Canada) collects and distributes handmade greeting cards to nurses, staff and families to give to hospitalized children on their birthdays and other special dates. Our focus will be on providing happy, upbeat birthday cards and "glad you're going home" cards but we will also make and provide cards for holidays throughout the year.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Overflowing hearts

I just have to share the amazing week that I've had! It all started with a trip to the mailbox where I found not 1 but 5 packages of cards! Thank you to Peter G., Diane H., Sandra S, Diane G. and Sandra R. for their generousity in sharing their talent and time. I'm just in love with all of these cards but am especially happy at seeing a bunch of cards for boys. I don't know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time making cards for boys ... but I'm certainly feeling inspired now!

The week just got better when I also received emails from several people who are cleaning out their craft rooms (you mean I'm not the only one who made that New Year's resolution?) and plan to donate large numbers of cards that they've accumulated over their years of crafting. I can't think of a better way to make space than to donate those boxes of cards to the kids!

To finish off, I have to share the following email that was sent by Diane who is the Director of the Child Life department at BC Childrens Hospital:

On behalf of the children, families, and staff at BC Children’s Hospital, thank you so much for yet another donation of beautiful Christmas cards, gift tags, and general-use greeting cards we received on December 9th.  

It is so nice to have such wonderful, one-of-a-kind cards and tags for gift-giving.  Your lovely gifts were used on all of the Christmas packages for patients.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and amazing talent with us.

Wishing you a joyous 2012.

Diane Hart,
Child Life Department

I can only add my own thanks to all of you who support SAS4K - you are all amazing!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Change in shipping address

Hi, it's Shelley. Well, the date is finally here and I'm moving into my new house in just 4 days! I'm really looking forward to the move although it will be chaotic for a while. Please forgive me if I'm slow to respond to emails or comments - I'll certainly get caught up as soon as possible.

My new address for shipping cards is:

SAS4K (Canada) c/o Shelley Dureau
20125 Bruce Avenue
Maple Ridge, BC
V2X 9P2

If you've already sent a package to the old address, please don't worry - I have mail forwarding for 1 year so even though it could take a bit longer, it will eventually find its way.

Once I get unpacked, I'll be starting on Easter cards. I have some adorable digi stamps and papers that are crying out to be used! The deadline for Easter cards will be March 9th so get out those bunnies, chicks and pastel colours! Whether you are able to donate a single card of multiples, each and every card will help to bring a smile to the face of a sick kids. Thank you for support!

Delivery to Stollery just in time for Valentine's Day

Hi everyone. I was able to deliver yesterday for 264 cards and 20 valentine's day boxes for the children to make. They were valentine, birthday, all occasion, blank cards to the Stollery hospital.Thank you cards for the parents to use at the Royal Alex hospital.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. The continuing support means a lot to me. I was able to see some of the children yesterday in their playground area. It made my mother's heart glad to know that we have such a place for them to go to when children get sick. And thankful and blessed that my children have been relatively healthy.

Thanks, Lynnette

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can you feel the love?

If you don't read Cardmaker Magazine then you might not be aware that Send A Smile 4 Kids was profiled in the December issue in their Readers Reach Out section. Readers of the magazine were asked to send in Valentine's Day cards and the response has been great! Most of the cards have been going to the US addresses for SAS4K but Lorraine & I have recently received a bundle of cards each from Diane H. of St. Mary's Ontario. Every card came with a handmade coordinating envelope and I just have to share a few of them with you - just check out these fabulous designs (and go to Facebook to see even more)!


Lorraine also received 20 cards, 1 birthday tag and 20 gift treat boxes for the kids to make from Gail L. from Manning, Alberta. They are so adorable (my favourite definitely being the monkeys!). Lynnette has posted pictures on Facebook so go on over and take a look! And what a great idea to let the kids put the treat boxes together themselves! Card kits are always hugely popular with the kids at the hospitals.

I'll be taking Valentine's Day cards over to the hospital by the end of the month (a bit late but I'm moving houses and accidently packed some of the cards I've been sent - yikes!). The next delivery will be scheduled for early March so get working on those Easter and Spring cards! Remember that cards are needed for kids of all ages (0 - 19yrs) and that there is a continuing need for birthday, congratulation and blank (no sentiment) cards.

Thank you all for your support!